MercMaid Are a Boutique Forieign Domestic Helper Maid Agency.


Replacement Guarantee for Service

Your satifaction is our concern. Within 12 months of your beginning of employment , we have a service guarantee for the replacement of your foreign domestic worker.



We can also help you if you need to move your
 domestic worker to different employer. 
You will be given straightforward description 
of the terms and conditions of such transfers.

Agreement of Service

We provide you with fair and detailed Service 
Agreement that specifies, among other things, the
 terms and conditions of service transactions, 
including any deposits paid, as well as the date of 
commencement of employment of the 
foreign domestic worker.

We are committed to safeguarding your confidentiality, the data of our valued client.

Our friendly recruitment experts will be with you shortly to assist with any of your queries. To expedite the process, you may list down specific requirements you may have (e.g. salary expectations, experience, qualifications, personality etc).